Free sex in Belgium

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Want to know more about sex in Belgium? How do the Belgians talk about sex and is prostitution legal? We find out more in our overview of this small but important European nation. A small country of just A nation characterised by its diverse migrant population, Belgium is a multi-cultural country which embraces many of the best aspects of Europe including its laws, cultures and attitudes.

Home to Brussels, Free sex in Belgium de factor capital of the European Union, Belgium is the hub of European affairs and, in this guide, we look at just what the country thinks about sex. Depending on where you are in the country, the influences can be French, German or Dutch and like these neighbours, attitudes towards sex and sexuality as well as the adult industry can be quite open-minded. All of the major cities have a red-light quarter where you can find adult entertainment ranging from window girls advertising unofficial brothels, strip clubs and massage parlours.

There are even street prostitutes as well as plenty of escorts who advertise on directory sites. The pickup scene can be quite mixed depending on which bars you go to and Free sex in Belgium city you are in but by and large there are good opportunities for one-night stands. In a European-wide study, Belgians ranked their sexual performance as average with the report showing the following trends in the surveyed population of adults:. The curriculum is comprehensive and starts at a young age, covering gender, sexuality, physical development and intimacy as well as safe sexual practices.

As a result of the level of education, Belgium has a low teen pregnancy rate of just 8 cases per and commensurately low levels of sexually transmitted diseases. You can find out more about sex in Brussels or Antwerp by reading our city guides. With the prevalence of studios in Germany and France, it is more common for aspiring performers and directors to head across the border than to stay in Belgium. Most Belgian adult performers are working in France, the Netherlands or Germany. When it comes to prostitution in Belgium there are an estimated 15, to 30, sex workers in the country who provide sexual services, many of whom are migrants.

This includes running a brothel, pimping and trafficking but also extends to advertising in public spaces. Having said this, there are quite a lot of unofficial brothels in Belgium. Neither soliciting or procuring sexual services are punishable offences and are largely tolerated with most major cities having red light areas. However, the tolerance of local authorities and the general public varies greatly depending on which area of Belgium you are in and can range from those municipalities that have implemented unofficial registration and health checks for sex workers and those where prostitution is effectively ignored.

What you are left with is a country where sex work is legal but the ease of how and where to get serviced is hit and miss, particularly in terms of quality.

Free sex in Belgium

The age of consent for same sex couples was equalised in yes, seventeen ninety five and they were the second country in the world to enshrine laws to offer equality for same-sex domestic partnership in This was followed up in with the right for same-sex couples to marry. Homosexuals can serve in the military and transgendered individuals can change their legal gender under conditions which include sterilisation. Brussels has an annual Pride festival which is well attended and supported by both the LGBTQ community and heterosexuals. In fact, the vast Free sex in Belgium of Belgians support gay rights and the country enjoys a largely discrimination free culture.

Craigslist is really the only classifieds site in Belgium where adults advertise for casual encounters. Though there are plenty of sites that sell second hand goods, this is the only one with a personals section. The site primarily covers Brussels but does have from other Belgian cities. As with any free to advertise site without a verification procedure, there are often hoaxes and scams being run on the site as well as being used by escorts. A Belgian language site, you will need a good on- translation tool but C Date is a new service to hit Belgium offering hook-up opportunities in Belgium.

The service is free to and you can quickly set up a profile to look for a flirtation, secret affair or other. Though you will need to pay to make the best of the service including making contact with other membersyou can browse for free to see whether you like the look of the profiles. There are plenty of them with a reported 25, new members every day. There is also an app you can download for iOS or Android devices so you can stay in touch with potential dates on the go.

A Europe-wide site offering discreet affairs for couples and singles, First Affair is a simple service that is free to register. There are over 1. You can browse without a membership but to make contact you do need to pay subscription fees. However, there is a good male to female ratio and the of profiles suggest that the service could be useful. Another free service but with a high proportion of men to women, Love Awake has around profiles for Belgian women.

Free sex in Belgium

Most of the women are looking more for a serial dating opportunity than a casual encounter but there are others who are more open. Featured image via Pixabay.

Free sex in Belgium

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Free sex in Belgium

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