Mission really wanting 3some

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As a bi woman, threesomes have been part of my sexual awareness ever since I can remember. As a result, I have historically been aggressively gun-shy about jumping into the act. Sex for me has always been deeply intimate — the best way of connecting with one other person.

So to me, a threesome seemed like the ultimate recipe for disappointment and hurt feelings. What if I did it with a committed partner, and they enjoyed sex with the new person more than with me? What if I did it with a couple and it just amplified my own loneliness? The questions were too great and too many, so I filed the whole concept away and dubbed myself more of a one-on-one girl. So we sat with it. For a couple months. We talked about how He wanted to support my bi identity and allow me to experiment in a way that felt controlled and comfortable.

And so we finally dipped our toes into the threesome world. And then we did it again.

Mission really wanting 3some

And again. Going into our first, second, and third threesomes, I was deeply worried the experience would estrange me from my partner. Now, after our 31st yes, I just counted, and holy shitI know that threesomes have strengthened our relationship in ways I could never have imagined.

Mission really wanting 3some

Watching my Dom respect my specific boundaries and limits while having sex with another girl right in front of me has become even more romantic than a box of chocolates. So how do you get to this point with your partner? Well, everyone is different, but the below parameters may help you ease into the playing together deep end…. The first place you and your partner should ever have a threesome is in your imaginations. The easiest way to start playing with the idea would be to start describing some of your desires to your partner during one-on-one sex and vice versa.

If your partner starts describing performing oral sex on a play partner and this freaks you out, you can let them know that might be a limit for you. But if they start talking about penetrating you from behind while you go down on a third and you start cumming out of your eyeballs — this might be a good place to start. Be conversational and ask them about themselves. Some people may feel more comfortable playing with people they know. Speaking from personal experience, my Dom and I set up our system with my triggers in mind.

Would I completely freak out and run from the room screaming? Be politely intrigued? Fall out of love with him entirely and have to start life from scratch? With these stakes on the line, we developed a system of Mission really wanting 3some steps that would ease me into the process, which we call the 1A, 1B, and 2 etc. If we all jive, we move on to the 1B. The 1B is a time when we can all get to know each other, and the new sub can see how our dynamic works without being specifically involved in penetrative sex.

We find that being really clear with ourselves and our partners about what is on the table each time we see them minimizes confusion and Mission really wanting 3some. Our system is tailor-made to our relationships and concerns about new partners, and yours should be equally fitted to what intimidates and excites you about playing with a third. Maybe you want to always be touching your partner during the play session collar and leash play can be great for maintaining connection.

Maybe you have boundaries about who can kiss whom. Your system will come together with time and patience to serve your needs. What we do instead is show test and share birth control information before playing without condoms. For many people this is a soft limit, so we ease into it on a case-by-case basis. To each their own. And your attitudes may change. For instance, you may think all you want in the world is to watch your partner kiss your third while he fucks you.

But in practice, that may make you feel left out. Alternatively, speaking from experience, I thought my worst nightmare would be to be left across the room while my Dom basically carried out a one-on-one scene with a third, totally ignoring me. Romantic gestures live on a spectrum I guess.

Mission really wanting 3some

Legacy and mainstream media has failed women, trans and nonbinary people. They assumed our straightness, our thinness, our frigidity and our fragility for far too long. They preyed on our insecurities in order to market products to us, and told us stories from one perspective, over and over again. But Salty isn't legacy media. But this comes at a price.

Mission really wanting 3some

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Mission really wanting 3some

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