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F or the past few years, Islamophobia and hate against Muslims have grown at an unprecedented rate in India without any consequences. And like most things Indian, this bigotry has also gone international. But while bigots in India have enjoyed a free run with direct and indirect support of members in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and even Narendra Modi government, the situation for bigoted Indians living abroad, such as in the Gulf and now Canada, has taken a different turn.

Our noise by law originally passed in only included an exemption for Church bells. Ramadan pic. It was lost on the Islamophobe that the exemption was earlier limited to church bells and Cute indian or middle eastern girl still up need some cash now being extended to all faiths. Perhaps, he also forgot that he was in Canada, and not in India, where such remarks draw thousands of likes and retweets. But he soon learnt his lesson. The real estate company he was associated with terminated his services.

We do not share nor support the views of Mr. The Principal has begun an investigation. The individual is being removed from their role as School Council Chair and won't be able to participate on council in any other capacity. Islamophobia is not acceptable and a clear violation of our Safe and Accepting Schools Policy. This follows the recent trend seen in the Gulf countries where several Indian expatriates have been fired for their Islamophobic posts targeting Muslims for the spread of Covid While Canada has won praise for its swift action against Islamophobia, things back home are not that great with hate mongers having a field day — despite several Gulf nations being vocal about it and asking the Modi government to take action.

With already existing deep chasms of insecurity and communal divide, it takes no more than a dog whistle to act as communal kindling. Indian social media, especially since the run-up to the Lok Sabha election, has seen a steady rise in hate targeted at Muslims, blaming them for almost every evil besetting the country. The factual accuracy, and history, of hate mongers may be as bad as their logic, but they all manage to achieve the intended result — violence against Muslims.

If it passes muster in the homeland, if there are no repercussions here, why not replicate it elsewhere — or so goes the belief. This bigotry is so normalised that many Indians working and living in the Gulf countries, a predominantly Muslim majority region, see no problem in spreading this vitriol.

But unlike occasions when the Gulf countries had taken a customary stand on targeting of Muslims in India, the Arab world is more vocal and proactive this time. The fact that this hate is being spewed by the Indian diaspora working in these countries has also hit home. It may not bode well for the Indian economy, because expatriates from the region send a ificant amount of remittances back home. India has held the top position as recipient of international remittances for a few years now, with the Gulf nations alone contributing more than 50 per cent of the total.

But if the past months have shown anything, even a national health emergency is ineffective in curtailing Islamophobia; on the contrary, it can be a major tool in flaming it. Probably not wanting to rock the relationship boat with the Arab world, which recently bestowed several awards on him, PM Modi paid a delayed lip service and called for unity in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, though, no one in his government batted an eyelid when Muslims were violently attacked or when incidents of their social and economic boycott by Hindus began to be reported from all over India.

India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle. ThePrint has the finest young reporters, columnists and editors working for it. Sustaining journalism of this quality needs smart and thinking people like you to pay for it.

Whether you live in India or overseas, you can do it here. Support Our Journalism. The Hindu mostly believe in might is right which is self-destructive. All genuine people have the equal respect for all the religion. Specially in the Arab countries, When you talk about filth and rapist. Hindu cast system known for targeting women in India with the government coverage.

A joke when it comes the word democracy in India. The rest of the world see what you are truly are rapist. Hindu hosts cow urine drinking party to ward off coronavirus. We give full rights to women, search raushni nadar, kiran Mazumdar shaw, sudha murty.

You will find your answer. Name famous female muslim entrepreneur. Nationalists BJP and Communists Congress and all have nothing to do with religion only know to use hate literature from both sides of the community by using apostates from their own faith to create strife and hatred. We cultivated our own faiths never cared or bothered by others. Muslims in India, just as in other democracies, just are not able to adjust and live in peace with any other religions. Wherever they go…. The Jornalist who made this report is surely a muslim who enjoys in exploiting fundamental rights of innocent hindus.

I dare you to see how terrorism is going on here with speakers even after 10pm till around I even complained to local police, but no action. The country who gave refuge to needy Muslims now those people want France to be an Islamic state which is totally against the idea of France as a country. Fundamentalist muslims want a world where any criticism of Islam is not allowed, and the left is trying to deliver it to them.

Your religion, your problem. People can install speakers inside their house and listen to all the church bells and aazaans and bhajans they want all the livelong day. No reason to impose it on the rest of us. Here I can read few comment about Prophet mohammed by some rss goons but they should look their own religon were Ram and Krishan as done nothing but fraud and cheating.

Cute indian or middle eastern girl still up need some cash

Draupati kept doing sex by 5 men in name of marrige them at same time. Sita got affair with monkey. Krishna got thousands of wife and was sex addict. Ram and Krishan was jet black color but hindus try to show them as british white. All other thing you wrote were false unlike Muhammad who had illicit relationships with Zainab, ulm-khautum and of course his own daughter Ayehsa….

I dont have much knowledge about hinduism but i wont tolerant any fool giving filthy false comments on our Prophet. None of the relationships were illicit or done on the basis of fraud or cheating. All his marriages are example for mankind to give respect to a woman and stop judging them on the basis of their marriages, caste and foremost discriminate on sexual grounds.

Women were treated as toys at that time, and after Islam women got their rights and respect. They were given life instead of being burried alive. If u dont have knowledge then at least dont make it known to everyone how foolish u are. Bro, forget about what krishna did. Muslims are marrying three-four people just like that even now. Could you care to explain? Islamophobia is a word made up by Islamists for the purpose of proselytizing.

Ungratefulness, resentfulness, bitterness, false accusations and the like, seem to be what continually reflects the Canadian Muslim Community. Living in a time warp of years ago, having years of resentment against the West for defeating Islam in the Crusades, they now and 10 to take Europe down by using the immigration laws in their favour.

The double standard of that is, they often do the exact same things, theyathey everyone else is doing to them, to all the non Muslims around them. I remember at my old workplace one of the Muslim employees went to our HR department and attempted to file a claim against a fellow employee. There was no claim to file, it was tossed in the garbage. But making fun of Christians is allowed?

Molester, good? Loving Saviour, bad? I think Hindus are targeted right now. These people are only playing victim cards with the support of their own Muslim countries. Perhaps this is the situation God knows what will happen after a few years. And so called Hindu liberals will also get converted for their greed. India does not belong to Hindus, it has always been a secular country, so just stop chanting your Hindu Rashtra Bullshit.

India was, is and always will belongs to hindus and hindus only…Muslims have created pakistan. But Hinduism was born here. Islamic invaders came to our lands and killed, raped millions of our people, destroyed our civilization and your loser talk about secularism. Take your secularism and shove it in your assets.

Cute indian or middle eastern girl still up need some cash

We have given you place to live, freedom, holidays for your festivals, even spared your prayer calls 5 times a days even though it is very disturbing and have given at most respect and you are giving us lectures about secularism. You have 57 countries to go, live there and live as your wish in your Islamic style.

Political parties used Islamophobia to gain public trust. Islamic leaders used Hinduphobia for the same. However, the individuals who suffer such hatred and discomfort are all innocent and the common people. Hate mongers started hate and common people are at the receiving end. The fact is both the parties involved here have a true agenda. The agenda of supremacy over one another for mere gains. But the sufferers are the common men, they are neither Hindu nor Muslims, just a collateral damage.

We need to wake up. How long we let the scumbags play with us?. How long we let the scumbags play with us. Kashmiri pandits majority as you people call hindus were forced to vacate Kashmir. of such incidents have occurred in india in different parts where ethinic cleansing of hindus was carried out. No action from govt. Would love to see a day how will people react in countries like Cute indian or middle eastern girl still up need some cash who are now considering to allow other faiths to practice freely as per will, which India had it for years and centuries to when the similar things would start happen what happens in india.

If muslims in India are having so much of an issue why are they still living in India, there father MA Jinah got them pakistan and recognised it as an islamic statethey must consider going over there. Muslims actually sanatan followers who were forced to accept Islam and began barbaric act of killing hindus in their own neighbourhood and also now thinking that they are descendants of arabs — identity crises in India, have always committed acts which has caused trust deficits, they have never termed themselves as proud indians majority of them.

There is no denial in the fact that every muslim is like that, but the larger question is muslims need to stand up in India and oppose these idiotic and anti national acts committed by their fellow muslims. They never stood up in past whereat the time of ethinic cleansing taking place in their neighbourhood, also they are not standing up now. They have a victim card, if a muslim is a convict of rape no disclosure if hindu is the one then everything is disclosed.

The list can go on, long story shortstop using your western first world problem projections upon issues in India from religion perspective they are way more advanced than your judgemental mind could accomodate, it will take another years for such problems to occur in the west EU has witnessed somefrom scale perspective1. To all my fellow indians and sanatan followers, we were never weak before nor today, despite of years of islamic torture and then british torture upon us we are still in majority today in Bharat from beliefs and living principles perspective this shows the power and inner strength we posses, we have a proud history which unfortunately was distorted but we must be proud of what we are and who are ancestors were.

These idiotic articles are baseless and far from truth and reality. Indian army looks like hindus but maybe or may not, if they are why they encourage all Muslims politics, why 10 million Iranians are there in India, why they have 5 millions afgans are they performing any fight for Muslims Christ Jesus save us. Indian Hindus needs to wake up and come out into the real world. Blaming Pakistan for your rubbish government!

Cute indian or middle eastern girl still up need some cash

Your Hitler government is creating all those problems…. Indians in UK needs to take a firm action against there government in India. Seems the present Indian government has you and others quite rattled. Why exactly should Indians in the UK take a stand against this government?

Things are changing in India — Hindus have started asserting their rights after 70 years of independence. Why should Hindus be treated as second class citizens in a Democratic India? Justified laws for Muslims were not implemented. Yes, equality sucks — especially when your second class Hindu citizens are treated equally to you — the whole Muslim community takes notice and starts to play a victim game.

When were Indians treated as second class in India? That was in Mughal era. Not since then. Their status was lost when the British came. Mulle Bsdk.

Cute indian or middle eastern girl still up need some cash

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