Feasterville trevose PA cheating wives

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In effort to best serve the legal needs of the residents of the Greater Philadelphia and Southern NJ areas, our law office provides video and phone meetings with an experienced lawyer. If you would like Feasterville trevose PA cheating wives schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers, please at Thank you. As any individual who has been or is married can tell you, marriage is a lot of work. It takes the dedicated commitment and hard work of two people to build and maintain a relationship that will last.

If your spouse has cheated on you and committed adultery, you may have questions about whether divorce is the right option for you. We understand that this is an incredibly trying and difficult time in your life. Therefore we strive to provide the support, guidance, and information you need to make important life decisions. For Debt Relief Cases please visit Sadeklaw. If you place a premium on asing blame for the failure of the marriage, then proceeding via fault-based grounds may be appropriate. However, the process will be ificantly more lengthy and complicated than an uncontested divorce.

Thus, at least in this situation, you are not forced to file a contested fault-based divorce petition, but you do have the option to do so. If you choose to proceed with a fault-based divorce you must prove the specific fault-based ground or grounds you allege. You can prove that the other spouse committed adultery through an array of evidence including phone records, phone messages, pictures, hotel bills, and other documents.

If you fail to prove that your spouse committed adultery and provide no other grounds for the divorcethe court will be forced to deny your petition for a dissolution of marriage. Therefore, they may prefer to dissolve the marriage through a no-fault approach to divorce. Pennsylvania residents and others authorized to file for divorce in Pennsylvania can file for a no-fault divorce even when fault grounds are available.

The first and most straightforward scenario where a divorce like this can occur is when both spouses agree that the marriage is broken and consent to the divorce. Essentially, the adultery simply motivates the spouses to petition for the divorce but does not play a role in the actual proceeding. When a no-fault divorce by consent is petitioned for, a court must grant it provided:. What many people are not aware of is that no-fault divorce may be available in Pennsylvania even when one party disagrees that the marriage is irretrievably broken. When only one party alleges that the marriage is irretrievably broken and seeks a divorcea court is authorized to grant it provided that:.

Essentially, no-fault grounds are typically available in Pennsylvania with some caveats. In addition, there are other grounds for divorcebut they are specific to different situations and scenarios not necessarily involving adultery. Our attorneys can handle all aspects of a divorce including alimony, child custodychild support, and other related issues.

Feasterville trevose PA cheating wives

To schedule a confidential consultation, please call our firm at or online today. Cooper is a caring and talented attorney. I would like to appreciate his compassion towards his clients. He solved my bankruptcy case in a neat way. His services are highly recommended. Patrick is a wonderful person. He is very attentive and responsive to all of my phone calls and messages. My case has been closed successfully.

I just wanted to thank all the attorneys in his firm. Thanks a lot. Excellent family law attorney. Pat is an honest lawyer that gets great by working hard and continuing the fight for his clients. Patrick Cooper has been wonderful and very responsive to all s and phone calls. This firm also offers payment plan installments which has helped a lot. Everyone who answers the phone, no matter what time of day or night, are all very polite and helpful. I recommend at least scheduling a consultation for whatever it is you're looking for. I just want to take the time to recognize how grateful I have been to work with Joelle these last 13 months.

I researched different firms before choosing Sadek, but it was my initial conversation with Joelle that made the difference. She was very kind and patient. Thanks Joelle for being such a great advocate during this process! I can't say enough how glad I am to have decided to use Yoninah Orenstein as the lawyer representing me in my struggle to get some custody of my daughter back. She helped keep me on track, and focused on the bigger picture.

She knew the ins and outs of the subtleties of custody law quite well, and she navigated the complex system and settlement prior to the trial with strength and purpose. Having her by my side gave me courage and resiliency. I wouldn't want anyone else as Feasterville trevose PA cheating wives representation. Unfortunately I know I will need to have a good lawyer for the rest of my life from time to time.

Fortunately I now know who I'll turn to first. This website is for informational purposes only and is general in nature. This website does not create an attorney client relationship under attorney rules of ethics.

Feasterville trevose PA cheating wives

An attorney client relationship is created with Sadek and Cooper Law Offices only after a meeting and the ing of an attorney client engagement agreement. We encourage you to seek legal counsel regarding your particular situation. About Us Patrick J. Cooper, Esq. Brad J. Sadek Yoninah R. Orenstein Joelle Shanesy, Esq. Meghan Power, Esq. Jennifer Dumin, Esq. Over Five Star Reviews. Speak to an Attorney Today. Case Type What are you contacting us about? Family Law Debt Relief. When a no-fault divorce by consent is petitioned for, a court must grant it provided: At least 90 days have elapsed since the petition was filed.

Both individuals allege the marriage is irretrievably broken. Both spouses have completed an affidavit evidencing their consent. When only one party alleges that the marriage is irretrievably broken and seeks a divorcea court is authorized to grant it provided that: The couple has lived separate and apart for at least two years, the marriage is irretrievably broken, and an affidavit is ed stating this fact. The respondent fails to deny the allegations or, following a denial, the court determines that the marriage is irretrievably broken and the spouses have lived apart for at least two years.

Feasterville trevose PA cheating wives

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Feasterville trevose PA cheating wives

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