Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

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California is a state for adventurers. There is so much to see and do that every weekend can feel like a vacation. That is why I love living here so much! The downside, however, is that the secret has been long out. People from all over the state, country, and abroad come in droves to see the spectacular mountain tops and ocean views this place has to offer. That means that a lot of the best sights require advance booking and dealing with other tourists. When my best friend recently bought a home in Dunsmuir, California at the seat of Mt. Shasta, I decided to drive up for a visit.

Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

I had heard of Mt. Shasta CA before, including some stories about the mystical powers of the mountain. However, I really had no idea what was in store - beautiful hikes, lush waterfalls, a vibrant spiritual community, and best of all, plenty of opportunities to commune with nature without the interruption of other people. Imagine sitting at the base of tall, snow-capped mountains or alongside a majestic, serene lake, and realizing you essentially have the view all to yourself!

Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

I was able to do plenty of exploring during my time there. Shasta and the entire Siskiyou County region, including great hikes, spiritual spots, restaurant recommendations, and more. These can be packed into a long weekend if you are highly motivated, or spread out over a week or two if you want to take a more leisurely pace.

Shasta is both the name of a mountain in Northern California, and also the name of the cute town at the foot of that mountain. It is located right off the I-5 freeway, and driving is the best way to get there.

Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

The nearest large airport is in Sacramento, with a smaller regional airport with limited flights in nearby Redding. To easily access all the top attractions I highlight below, you will definitely need to bring your own vehicle or rent a car. Pro tip: I always compare prices on Kayak to find the cheapest car rental and flight prices.

Shasta has been revered by various groups of people for centuries. The Native Americans believed the mountain was a spiritual center of the universe, and performed their sacred ceremonies there. There are tales of ascended masters, energy vortexes, and a city called Telos underneath the mountain inhabited by 7-foot tall people called Lemurians. I even met a woman who came to the mountain in order to conceive atop it - no joke!

No matter what your beliefs, Mt. Shasta is more than a mountain, and you can feel that as soon as you step foot on it. It has long had a reputation as a gathering place for spiritual seekers from all over the world. Similar to Sedona, the mountain is said to have powerful energy centers one can tap into for spiritual growth and healing.

The mountain helps you listen to whatever it is you need to hear. If there is something you have been avoiding that needs to be addressed, it amplifies it. Shasta with a renewed spirit and a deeper understanding of the divine.

Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to dive deeper into the truth about Mount Shasta, its historical background, mythological legends, and tribal traditions. Even though the region is not overly touristy, Mt. Shasta still has some really cute boutique hotels. They also have really beautiful VRBO rentals to accommodate both small parties and large groups.

Here are my top picks for rentals and hotels in Mt. This lovely studio is a great deal, and is located in a forested area with beautiful meadow views, a hot tub, sauna, and BBQ! This newly remodeled home right by the Sacramento River in Dunsmuir is also a steal considering it can fit up to 5 people.

Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

Or if you want something more immersed in nature, this cabin will do the trick. This cottage in downtown Mt. This modern cabin with an apple orchard has insane panoramic views of Mt. Shasta from every direction. And this home is good bang for the buck with a super convenient location. Or this charming and cozy cottage is perfect for a romantic getaway.

The Mossbrae Hotel is an adorable boutique hotel located in the heart of Dunsmuir. The Inn at Mount Shasta is clean with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. The Mount Shasta Ranch Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful historic property and offers a delicious breakfast. And the McCloud River Bed and Breakfast has great decorhot tubs in the rooms, and the food is incredible. I am in love with this peaceful home right on Hammond pond, with its stone fireplace and proximity to nature. This private alpine retreat embodies rustic luxury with a warm pine interior and cathedral ceilings, and it sits on acres with abundant wildlife and impressive views.

Or for the ultimate splurge, this luxury log home with spectacular mountain and lake views is the stuff my winter fantasies are made of! If you only do one hike during your time in Mt. Shasta, I would recommend doing this one. It gives maximum bang for your buck, meaning you get disproportionate views for the amount of effort it takes to hike to the top.

I have done much harder hikes with paltrier payoffs, so I was pretty blown away by this one. This is easily one of the best Mt. Shasta hikes because the view of Mt. Shasta is nothing short of magical. To get there, drive to Castle Lake and park in the lot or along the roide outside the entrance. Castle Lake is a destination in and of itself - there are lots of people paddle boarding or picnicking by the lake. I would recommend getting there early, having a nice snack or lunch by the lake, and then beginning the ascent to Heart Lake. The hike up to Heart Lake is 2 miles out and back, with a moderate ft.

Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

In total, I would give yourself hours to complete the round trip depending on your speed so that you can take your time and soak in the views. Here is a more detailed view of the route. Shasta hikes in the region:. Shasta region. A guide to Mt. No visit to Mount Shasta, California is complete without visiting the mountain this whole area is named after! This is worthwhile no matter what your physical level - you can just drive up to its base, do a mild hike, or if you are an extreme adventurer, spend a few days hiking to the summit and even ski down!

The drive to the mountain is super scenic, with views of its majesty at every turn. When you see Mt. And if you are especially lucky, you may get a glimpse of the iconic Lenticular clouds that are known to surround it when the elements align. Given that Mt. Shasta has an elevation of 14, ft. From that trailhead, there are a myriad of trail options you can do, depending on your preferences. I did the following hike which I highly recommend if you want to experience the magic of the mountain without overexerting yourself:. Hike to Horse Camp - This is a very popular trail as this is the starting route for most people who are summitting Mt.

I chose this route so I could get a taste of what it might be like to summit the mountain. Shasta from the camp are definitely worth the effort. From Bunny Flat Trailhead, walk straight towards the mountain and go left. There will be a fork in the road - the left path has a leading to Sand Flat, but to get to Horse Camp take the path on the right. After that, just keep going along the trail and follow the s to Horse Camp until you reach it. Inside the cabin, there are books, a dining table, and news clippings on the wall.

Get some Mount Shasta and make a new friend

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