Mature women from texas

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Texas women have been immortalized by song, stereotyped in film, and made legendary by myth. They have made invaluable contributions as writers, activists, politicians, athletes, and actresses.

Mature women from texas

Jane Long Jane Long will always be remembered as the mother of Texas. One of the earliest pioneers to make Texas her home, it is believed that she was one of the first English-speaking women to bear in Texas. Migrating from Mississippi at the beginning of the 19 th Century, she and her husband, James Long, settled at Bolivar Point.

Jane was left there with daughter Ann while James went to the fight for independence from Spain. While others began to evacuate the area Jane remained. Her husband never returned. Upon learning the news that he had been killed in Mexico City, Jane moved her family to Brazoria where she opened a prosperous boarding house that was frequented by such prominent characters as William Barrett Travis.

Austin delivered an impassioned speech calling Texans to war under her roof. Angelina Eberly Inin the midst of the Archive War, president Sam Houston ordered three wagon lo of state archives moved to Houston ostensibly to protect them from the Mexican Army who had re-taken control of San Antonio, Goliad, and Victoria.

His real aim was to begin quietly moving the capital to Houston. It was Eberly who took a bead on the escaping document thieves and fired a six-pounder across their path, thereby alerting the citizenry. She experienced every hour of the two-week-long siege alongside the defenders. Her husband, Almaron Dickinson, took both Susana and their child into the fortress so that they could be near him Mature women from texas the ensuing battle.

Mature women from texas

The Mature women from texas moved into the Alamo on February 23, After the battle of the Alamo, she was found in the powder magazine. It is said that upon delivering this message Susana sent, not a note of warning, but rather a battle cry for Texans to rally. It was and although the state had purchased the chapel, the long barracks of the Alamo were in jeopardy. A grocery wholesaler was interested in a portion of the Alamo grounds and Adina De Zavala was determined to keep it from falling into corporate hands. In a last ditch effort, Adina attempted to meet with the proprietors of the Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio.

They were out of town, but the hotel informed her that a Miss Clara Driscoll was a guest at the hotel. Both ladies worked tirelessly to preserve historical sites around the state, but will always be remembered most for their role of saving the Alamo. Dale Evans If you have ever heard the tune Happy Trails and were reminded of the famous cowboy Roy Rogers, you are missing half of the picture.

It was Dale Evans who wrote this ature song and taught it to Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers a mere 40 minutes before a performance one evening. Dale Evans, originally from Uvalde, Texas, married Roy Rogers inand spent the next 41 years with him both on and off the silver screen. Sissy Spacek b. After taking time off to concentrate on raising her kids, she continues to turn in award-winning performances like her role in the recent Golden Globe-garnering In The Bedroom. Janis Joplin Often considered one of the greatest white women to ever sing the blues, Janis Joplin had a brief yet prolific career.

She eventually moved west to San Francisco where she delivered a show stopping performance at the Monterey pop festival. She soon gained national recognition for her distinctive style and unforgettable voice. Born in Lake Jackson, Texas, Selena became involved in the music industry at a very young age.

In the band Selena y Los Dinos was formed and their first record was produced two years later. Selena went on to receive a double platinum award and a Grammy for Selena Live and a quadruple platinum award for Amor Prohibido.

Mature women from texas

At the height of her career Selena was murdered by her assistant, Yolonda Saldivar, on March 31, Elisabet Ney Originally from Germany, Elisabet studied sculpture in both Munich and Berlin and gained a reputation as a talented sculptor, sculpting the likenesses of such prominent individuals as Queen Victoria and George V. Elisabet immigrated to the United States at the time of the Franco-Prussian war, initially moving to Georgia, but ultimately settling in Liendo, Texas.

Eventually it was renovated and turned into the Elisabet Ney museum. In marble statues of both Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston were unveiled in a ceremony at the state capital. Elisabeth Ney was commissioned by former Governor Oran M. Roberts to sculpt statues of the founding fathers of Texas heroes.

It is said that at least 50 of her paintings were composed during the period of while in Canyon. Babe was an animated individual who seemed to excel in every sport she pursued. Her athletic career began with sandlot baseball in the neighborhoods of Beaumont, Texas. In high school she played in every sport offered: volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, and swimming.

Mature women from texas

After high school she was recruited by a Dallas company to play basketball on its team. She achieved legendary status at the Olympics, winning two gold medals and one silver. Babe went on to make headlines and break records in the world of Mature women from texas as well. She then went on to play the Western Open as a professional, ing a contract with Wilson sporting goods company. Babe Didrikson is regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all times.

Sheryl Swoopes b. Originally from Brownfield, Texas, she grew up in an underprivileged home raised by her single mother in a three-room she stresses three room, not three bedroom house. From a very young age she knew that she wanted to play basketball. She played with her brothers while growing up and once she started high school, began to take basketball very seriously. She knew that basketball could be her ticket to a good education and without it college might not have been an option.

Swoopes had no problem receiving a basketball scholarship, ending up at Texas Tech University where she ultimately took the team to their first NCAA title. She went on to win a gold medal in the games, and another in the games. As a single mother Swoopes was determined to demonstrate that it was possible to balance a career with raising a family. Although she took considerable time off during the season she managed to play in 9 games. Carrie Marcus Carrie Marcus began her career in fashion as a blouse buyer and saleswoman at A.

Harris and Company and by the age of 21 had become one of the highest paid working women in Dallas. Carrie encouraged weekly fashion shows, fall fashion expositions, and beginning ininstituted the annual Neiman Marcus Awards given to deers for outstanding service in the field of fashion. She was the arbiter of taste and style for the store and rose to the position of chairman of the board inthree years before her death. Bette Graham Bette Graham developed a multimillion dollar company by simply trying to solve a problem.

Working in Dallas as a secretary, Bette became frustrated with the messy nature of correcting typing mistakes.

Mature women from texas

In an effort to make the task more efficient, she had the idea of painting over her mistakes. Tempera water based paint and a paintbrush was all it took to create Mistake Out. Her product caught on quickly in the office and soon other secretaries were asking for it by name.

She was soon supplying Mistake Out to all the secretaries in the building. Recognizing this could be a viable business endeavor, in she turned her kitchen into a laboratory and her garage into a manufacturing plant and began her own business. The growth was slow and the work taxing but it eventually paid off when General Electric placed an order for bottles of what she was now calling Liquid Paper.

By she was selling 40, bottles a week and the growth continued from there. Mary Kay Ash After years in direct sales, Mary Kay found herself disillusioned with her corporate experience but anxious to further her sales career. She went to work on a book detailing her experiences in the business world and found she had created a blueprint for a new business.

Now, all she needed was a Mature women from texas. An acquaintance of hers had developed a line of lotions and creams that she thought would be perfect.

Mature women from texas

What resulted was a lucrative cosmetic business that now has overindependent beauty consultants in 29 markets worldwide, and has been featured three times as one of the best companies to work for in America. Ferguson was the first woman to become governor of Texas and ultimately served two terms. After being impeached during his second term in office, he was determined to find a way to get back in the game. Despite this, she proved to have a lasting career in Texas politics, campaigning in 11 statewide elections between andand demonstrating a genuine concern for important social and economic issues that confronted the state.

Although controversy still surrounds her time spent in office, Ferguson did open the door for women to hold political office in Texas. Hobby at age 26, Oveta Hobby had studied and taught elocution at Mary Hardin Baylor College in Belton, had been a cub reporter at the Austin Statesman, served as legislative parliamentarian of the Texas House of Representatives, been a clerk of the State Banking Commission and codified the banking laws of the state of Texas, worked on Mature women from texas National Democratic National Convention in Houston inaccepted a post as assistant to the city attorney in Houston and been persuaded to run for the state legislature.

After marrying Hobby, who then worked for and later bought the Houston Postshe set out to learn the newspaper business, ultimately rising to the position of executive vice president. Upon retiring from that post she was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal, the third highest decoration that the Army gives. Seeing that she was then out of a job, Dwight Eisenhower promptly named her first secretary of the U.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare in Over the next 30 years she served on numerous boards of directors, various commissions and foundations, and received countless honors, but the one said to be closest to her heart was having the library at Central Texas College in her hometown of Killeen named in her honor. Lady Bird Johnson b.

Mature women from texas

Raised in an affluent family in Karnack, Texas, Lady Bird went on to attend the University of Texas in Austin where she met LBJ and married him a short seven weeks after they were introduced. Her life with Lyndon can be characterized as anything but mundane. It is widely acknowledged that he could not have done it without Lady Bird. She has been described as his closest advisor, his confidant, and his strength. One of her biggest campaigns was the Highway Beautification Act of In she established the National Wildflower Research Center, later renamed Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, which continues to expand and now has several affiliate gardens around the country.

She then began working on an amazing list of firsts. Inshe was named President Pro Tempore of the Senate, making her the first black woman in American history to preside over a state legislative body. She then became the first black woman elected to the U. Congress from a former Confederate stateand subsequently the first to give the keynote address at a national party convention the Democratic National Conventions of and Throughout her career, Barbara Jordan did not want to be defined as a woman politician or a black politician, but simply a politician, and Mature women from texas she was.

Mature women from texas

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